Monday, May 2, 2011

Minecraft Modifications Showcase and Other Tech: A Blog Summary

Hello, this (first) post of this brand new blog is here for me to give you a general run down of what this blog is about: Minecraft modifications, as some other tech (or MMOT for short).

On certain days I will be posting a collection of (what I think are) the best minecraft modifications, grouped together and with a summary of what exactly it is about and does and a link too said modifications, or mod(s) for short. On different set days I will be doing groupings of different mods, some that improve game play, some for tools that allow you to edit your world. occasionally I will be doing theme groupings, e.g. steampunk, (English) medieval etc. As well as standalone reviews for larger mods (if you think I should have a rating system, e.g. 10/10, 5 stars, let me know in the comments section).

On the technology side of the blog I will be doing weekly round ups of this week in tech, mainly just links too major technology news, mainly just to give a bit more content other than minecraft.

Well that's it, just a quick summary of what I'm going to do, if anyone out there thinks I should add something else to blog about or just quick posts about other topics (e.g. dwarf fortress, indie games, my little pony), just let me know in the comments section.